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Stable Value Funds

Stable Value Funds have been around since the 1970s, offered as a conservative option in 401(k) plans. Most recently, they are being recommended as a safer alternative to deal with rising interest rates and falling bond funds.  Stable value funds are designed to protect principal while offering a guaranteed small yield.

What’s not to love?

This option seems like a sure bet.  However, since they yield so little (2–4%), stable value funds can barely keep up with inflation alone. Unfortunately, stable value fees are rarely disclosed, leading people to think they are free when they are not, and the insurance contracts used to “wrap” these funds are not well understood by employers, investors, or regulators. Much like mutual fund offerings, stable value funds can also carry excessive fees and expense ratios.  Schlichter, Bogard & Denton, a St. Louis based law firm, has filed over a dozen prominent lawsuits seeking to lower fees, improve understanding, and protect retirement savings. Schlichter’s cases, including a current case where they represent employees of Mass Mutual’s Thrift Plan, the 401(k) plan for employees of Mass Mutual, have brought increased awareness of these oft-misunderstood products.




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